our staff


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Heidi De Jonge

Heidi has been serving as the pastor of Westside since 2012. She is a wife and mother and her hobbies include cycling, cake decorating, and digital-scrapbooking.

Email: pastorheidi@wfcrc.ca

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Betty-Ann has been Westside's administrator Since 2005. She works in the office part time on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She is a wife, a mom and now a grandmother. Her Hobbies include Pickleball and swimming.

Email: admin@wfcrc.ca

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John coleman

John has been the Westside's Treasurer since 2012.

Email: treasurer@wfcrc.ca

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Jill vandervelde

Jill has been Westside's custodian since 2014.

Email: jillvandervelde@gmail.com