The Renewal Team has been a consistent part of our congregation's leadership structure, and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.


The purpose of our Renewal Team is to be transforming and actively learning community that, through teaching and modelling, participates in God’s transforming work in the congregation and beyond.

Connection to Council:

The Renewal Team engages the council in learning through annual retreats centered on vision discernment and workshops focused on leadership skill acquisition. 

Restorative Practices:

A large part of the work of the Renewal Team has led our congregation toward becoming a restorative church.

Click here for an introduction to what this is beginning to mean for us.

This video, prepared for the CRC-RCA joint synods of 2018, describes the Ridder Church Renewal movement within which our Renewal Team has its roots. Move ahead to 7:40 to view a brief clip of our church’s involvement in the Ridder movement.